Captain Charlie's Honolulu Fishing Charters has the best deep sea fishing boats on the island of Oahu.


Experience outstanding Big Game Sportfishing on Honolulu Fishing Charters boats. We think you will not find more experienced, harder working and more professional Deep Sea fishing teams anywhere in Hawaii. Honolulu Fishing Boats are located in Hawaii next to beautiful Waikiki in Honolulu. Spend the day relaxing and deep sea fishing off of the beautiful Island of Oahu as our experienced crews guide you on an exciting day of fishing for Marlin, Ahi, Mahi Mahi and Ono. For your fishing charter party, we provide all bait, tournament quality Penn and Shimano tackle, ice and a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain with a professional deckhand. No license or experience is required, just bring food, drink, sunglasses and sunscreen.


Marlin Fishing Honolulu Style

One moment you're just relaxing and enjoying the peaceful beauty of the Pacific Ocean, lazily listening to the conversation of your companions and the lulling drone of the powerful engines. The next moment, utter pandemonium breaks loose - the high-pitched whine of the line uncoiling from a almost smoking reel, the scramble to strap into the fighting chair, the first glimpse of a silver and blue adversary far behind the boat.

Marlin Fishing in Hawaii

It takes a special type of charter boat Captain to be consistently successful at deep sea marlin fishing in Hawaii. A captain with local knowledge, experience in numerous successful hook-ups and catches possesses these unique fishing skills. Pacific Blue Marlin are a unique species that possess its own skill and cunning so when you book your Maui Sportfishing charter, you want a Captain that has experience going up against this beast of the deep, a beast some call the ultimate gladiator fish of the sea. Sport fishing in Hawaii is the ultimate in fishing and landing a blue marlin is the ultimate test in fishing, you want a Maui Sport Fishing charter that is up to and able to meet the challenge.

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